Monday, March 18, 2013

Being Assertive like Molly Lou Melon

Last week I went in to teach a mini Lesson to Kindergarten at Woodland about Bullying and being assertive.  I read the fabulous book, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon and did an extension activity with them.  We discussed a bit about what they perceive bullying as, what does it mean to stand up for yourself and the word assertive.  After reading the book, I asked them what they thought Molly Lou Melon was doing to be Assertive (after teaching them what the word meant!) and then we also discussed how even if we or others make a bad choice, it can be turned around--just as it is in the end of the book when the "bully" does something nice for Molly Lou Melon.

We then did this activity.  I passed out a worksheet to each student and instructed them to draw a picture of themselves being assertive ( I showed them an example).  Again, we touched on what assertive means and looks like.

They loved it! 

My hope was that after taking it home, they can have a conversation with their family about the work assertive about what they are doing in the picture.

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