Monday, April 8, 2013

6th grade Careers Investigation!

I am so excited about teaching careers to our 6th graders at Woodland this year!  It's one of my favorite things to teach!

Since I am in the building only two days, I wanted to make the most of my time with this unit.  First, I will teach each 6th grade class 4 lessons:

-World of work (After talking about the different career pathways, I used the reality check tool to show them some real life costs, responsibilities and salary need to survive.)
-Investigating careers--based on their Holland inventory
-Career Share
-Having good work habits

Then as adapted from School Counselor Blog, we'll be having a Career Cafe twice a week!  Check out her blog here to see what she does.

I tweaked her method a bit and customized it to fit my time in the building and I am SO very excited for the next couple months of volunteer professionals coming in to speak to our small group of students based on their career pathways!  We have a lawyer, actor, sales manage, teacher, CFO, nurse and sports reporter just to name a few!

Each student will be given a pass for their career cafe session.  It looks like this:


Then they will have a "menu" at their desks to help them in interacting with our guests.

I can't wait to see how it goes!  Pictures of the cafe's to come!

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