Monday, May 20, 2013

Celebrating PI at Weaver Lake!

Today was a fun day!  We got to celebrate our school wide efforts in PI (positive interactions) and pat ourselves on the back for the over 6,000 positive interactions we have had this year!

We were pleased to have a superstar from our district, Kevin Curwick, who started Osseo Nice Things come and talk about the importance of kindness and being positive.  He was a hit!

Then we had our very own students share some positive and kind words with the school in the form of spoken word.

Probably, the most exciting was the staff pie eating contest--which yes, I DID participate in!  How could I not!? :)

We are so proud of the little program we have began at Weaver and can't believe it all started with 5 women, sitting in a living room brainstorming how to help kids make a positive impact on their school--and now an all school assembly!

Positive things are moving at Weaver Lake!

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