Monday, January 7, 2013

Being a piece of the PI!

At Weaver Lake, we have been working hard to "be the change" at our school.  Our bully prevention/positive support team has come up with a fun and rewarding way to incorporate more POSITIVE interactions (PI) into our day.  We developed the  PI slip:

With these slips we are focusing on only positive character traits we catch kids doing and nothing academically related (though we surely care about that too!).    We actually created some blank slips for staff to fill out for other staff members as well, because hey--who doesn't like a compliment or pat on the back?!

These slips are being handed out like hot cakes and collecting on our school walls to make a beautiful collage of positive interactions between students.  It brings such an overwhelming joy to see so many kids making choices to have those positive interactions with their peers.

This is just the beginning our PI adventure and can't wait to bring you more news on how our school is doing, PI day, and upcoming reward days!

Everyone can be a piece of the PI :)

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