Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making ART with TEAMWORK!

This was a fun lesson I did last month with the 4th graders at Woodland Elementary.  It was the first of my three lessons surrounding our bully prevention movement.

The topic was TEAMWORK--with the objective: When we work as a team and work to encourage each other and build up our peers up, bullying can't happen.

We discussed the words TEAM and TEAM PLAYER and how they helped to influence our positive school environment and aid in bully prevention.

Then the fun part!

I handed out large poster size pieces of paper to groups of 3 or 4.  Each paper was blank except for a random scribble---each of them were different.  Some had big squiggles, some small lines, some circles and loops---really just scribbles!

The object of the activity was for the students to work together to come up with an idea of what the scribble would be turned into.

Each student had a different color so we could tell who contributed what to the final product.

The catch was that before I gave them their markers to add to the scribble, they had to work in their teams to all come to an agreement of what the picture would be.  Some would see the scribble as a spaceship with balloons around it, others--an ice cream cone in a pool.  :)  Some groups took 2 minutes to come to a compromise, others almost 10 minutes.

They definitely had to use their team player skills and think about how to compromise and encourage each others ideas--even if they differed from theirs.

Here were the finished projects--remember they all started as scribbles!

(sorry the picture is bad quality)


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  2. Great ideas! :) I'm a teacher and we really try to combat bullying. . . I think because of the efforts in elementary school and our no tolerance policy, it rarely happens. Found you via Casey Wiegand!