Monday, January 7, 2013

Teaching kids about the tricks of advertising

Today I taught one of my Life Skills lessons (a regular curriculum us district counselors utilize) and the topic was "Advertising".  As soon as I went in the classroom and told my 5th graders what we were going to be discussing, hands shot up and they excitedly asked, "are we going to watch the video we watched last year? You know, the burger one?!" (We use the curriculum in 4th grade too--different lessons/same topics). I let them down gently, and I could tell they were disappointed to not see it again.  While I was a little taken a back at their let down, I was also really excited that they remembered it!  

I found this video on you tube and use it for my 4th grade lesson on Advertising to start the discussion about the truths and ticks of advertising.

I love that it has stuck with them and made such an impact!  Kids get a kick out of it!

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